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Willows is a daycare and preschool offering care to children in the BVI ages 3 months to 5 years. Established for almost a decade, Willows has supported many working families and prepares children academically for kindergarten with reading, writing and math tutorials.

The school building is located on the ridge road, above Road Town. The house functions as a school, play area, nap facility, kitchen for hot meals and snacks, (provided by parents), laundry and bathroom facilities. Outdoors, they had converted the gardens into a playground where the children would have break times, snacks, performances, hosts guest visitors (firemen, horse camp) and Christmas plays.

Over the years, Willows has created a fantastic community of parents and students that has been beneficial to both new parents needing childcare for the first time, and existing families. Aside from the children’s programs, parents have received immense support from the teachers, with years of experience in young child development. 

For young families, this school is essential to the rebuild of the BVI community. Working parents fighting for a family business or returning to an employer after Irma and Maria are in need of child services.  For those that were evacuated out of the BVI, functioning child service centres are essential for their return back to the territory as working professionals.

For many families, homes and properties encountered severe damage and are without consisten electricity and running water. Schools can provide a comforting and healthy space for children to play and learn while their parents go to work.

Willows has reopened in a temporary space located in town until their old location is repaired and suitable to return to.  

Your contribution is a huge step in the right direction towards the rebuild of our community.

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Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Goal Progress: 10%

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Our Goal: $10,000.00