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Mangy face - rescued off Long Bay East End a week after Irma.
Mangy face - rescued off Long Bay East End a week after Irma.


My team has adopted PAW BVI (Promoting Animal Welfare)

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I'm raising money to help PAW BVI help as many animals in the British Virgin Islands as possible after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

After the hurricanes, the number of stray animals skyrocketed as a result of animals being abandoned, getting lost or being given up as their owners had no where to keep them.

PAW BVI is a non profit organisation aimed at decreasing the number of stray and unwanted dogs and cats through a spay/neuter programme. To date PAW BVI has sponsored the sterilisations of over 1100 animals in the BVI. Immediately prior to Irma, PAW BVI stepped in to help get as many animals at the BVI Humane Society in foster care for the storms, which resulted in many more animals being saved as they were in a safer place then the shelter for the storms and the shelter had more space for the remaining animals. Immediately after the storms, PAW BVI focussed on getting as many animals off island as possible through the amazing support of Humane Society International.

We continue to see an influx in the number of stray animals, abandoned animals and owner surrenders as a result of the storm. We continue to spay and neuter as many as possible to try and curb the popultion explosion that will inevitably take place if left unchecked and we also have assisted numerous people to evacuate their animals off island. We have covered the vet bills for numerous injured animals and also the costs of getting animals ready to travel to rescues in the states (all these animals need to be vacinated before they can go). We have spent thousands of dollars since the storm and are using this platform to try and raise some funds to cover this. 100% of the money raised goes to directly help the animals. We have zero overheads (no premises and no employees).

One Love BVI provides us with an amazing platform to get online donations!

Please join me either by registering for our team or donating to my fundraising page. Your donation is tax deductible and 100 percent of the money raised will be used to help the animals!

Together, we can do this!.

#BVIstrong #oneloveBVI

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Fundraising Goal: $20,000.00
Goal Progress: 91%

$18,161.00 $20,000.00

Welcome to the PAW BVI team fundraising page!

Our Goal: $20,000.00