Hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed or severely damaged 90% of all homes in the British Virgin Islands and left tens of thousands of people without adequate shelter. That's over 4,500 homes! Many have been forced to evacuate as their houses are no longer habitable.

Having a roof over your head is one of the most basic human needs. Let's help the people of the BVI rebuild their homes better, smarter, and stronger than ever before!

One Love BVI will provide skilled volunteer carpenters and construction workers to help with the rebuild. We're partnering with Rotary International to distribute both the volunteer labor and the roofing supplies and materials needed to help give qualifying Belonger families a roof over their head.

Join us in helping the people of the BVI restore their health, safety, and quality of life. Let's give families the BEST holiday present ever — a new roof so they can move back home! And ensure that everyone in the territory has a bright, sustainable future ahead.

All funds raised will go toward providing the supplies, materials and equipment needed to build new roofs on select Belonger-owned homes designated by Rotary International.

See photos of the aftermath, courtesy of first responder Barrie North, Upper Valley Rescue.



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